About this Site

There are many myths circulating around the community masquerading as facts.  This site is intended to provide readers with the information needed to make informed decisions, and to dispel the rumor mill.  The public deserves the truth, and the truth is a very hard thing to find these days.  This site is dedicated to presenting verifiable facts and information in a logical and coherent fashion so the issues about the future of Wixom Lake can be understood by all.  Knowledge is power and information, presented out of context, is misinformation.

The information and facts presented on this site are attributable to the management of Boyce Hydro Power LLC.  This means that the information comes from an authoritative source — “the horse’s mouth.”  It is important that those who would dispute the facts as presented herein be able to prove their claims or back up their opinions.

You might well wonder, “why should I believe Boyce Hydro Power?  Isn’t this just self-serving propaganda?”  No, the information presented here is simply meant to provide the facts.  All of the people and businesses affected by the issues surrounding the future of Wixom Lake actually have the same goal — the lake’s future sustainability — so our interests are the same.  We are simply publishing the facts that have either not been available to the general public, or have been ignored by those who, for various reasons, find them inconvenient.  This is presented so as to make them widely known.

Welcome, to those who are interested in facts and the truth about the future of Wixom Lake.  We all know that future is in doubt, and all of us — residents, business owners, and the dam owner as well — want the dam to remain and the Lake’s future to be assured.

Please read on to discover the facts which should dispel many of the rumors circulating around this issue.  Discover how, working together, Wixom Lake can be saved and sustained for the future!

Download and view the PowerPoint Presentation for an overview: The Future of Wixom Lake

Having trouble with the PowerPoint?  Download the free viewer here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13.