Dam Ownership & Responsibility

The owner of the dams is responsible for operating the power stations and spillways, not only for power generation, but also to regulate lake levels (as prescribed in their FERC license), provide flood control, and to provide water to support aquatic life downstream of the dams.  The owner of the dams is also responsible to maintain the structural integrity of the earthen dams and the civil structures.

The Edenville Dam is owned by Edenville Hydro Property, LLC, which in turn is owned by a small family trust created by William D. Boyce, who founded the Boy Scouts of America in 1910.  Mr. Boyce was an industrialist and newspaper publisher from Chicago, Illinois.  Probably his greatest life achievement was the number of people for whom he provided gainful employment through his free market entrepreneurial business accomplishments.  Today his grandson, Lee W. Mueller, and a great-grandson, Stephen B. Hultberg, are Co-Trustees, and both are active in the management of the Edenville Dam.

WD Boyce was himself a pioneer in hydroelectric power, building a small power plant and paper mill on a diversion channel on the Illinois River around 1907.  In those days hydro power was used primarily to turn water wheels to move machinery for production of goods.  As a business visionary, Mr. Boyce pursued development of the new technology of his time, hydroelectric turbines harnessed to electrical generators, and founded a small electrical utility that sold power for electric street lights to numerous cities along the Illinois River corridor south of Chicago.

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