Less than 50 cents a day

The question was posed in an article in the Midland Daily News on May 23rd:  “If $170 a year would save your lakefront property, would you pay it?” (See MDN story 2013-05-23.)

Preliminary calculations provided to the Wixom Lake Association’s DPSG by Boyce Hydro Power LLC (BHP) indicate that, if the community were to support a bond to fund the PMF spillway alteration project, and if BHP receives rate parity from Consumers for its energy, thus providing enough additional after tax revenue to pay approximately 30% of the estimated annual debt service for a long-term revenue bond, the estimated 3,400 residents around Wixom Lake might have to contribute approximately $150 or less per year.  That’s less than $0.50 per day per household.

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